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Devon and I were Married May 22, 2009 in the Logan LDS Temple. Few months later we adopted a litte mut of a dog, Sissy. Then two years later we conceived our son Isaac Devon Jensen. He was born October 7, 2011. They are my sunshine!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Its been over a year since I've posted anything new on my blog and to whoever does read this I'm so sorry.
As you can see Isaac is getting to be a very handsome and fun little boy. He and I have like to have our little adventures: shopping, road trips, and meeting new people. Why just yesterday, we had to take the car into the Nissan dearler ship have it looked at. I love going to the dealership, they have free drinks, popcorn, and TV to keep customers comfortable while they wait. They have cars in there to look at as well. One of them was the new Nissan GR-T or whatever, worth $108,000. It was the only one Isaac was interested in, he would crawl to the tires and put his wet hands all over them. Then he would put patty cake with reflextion in the door. One of the salesman thought is was cute and took several pictures of Isaac with this car. I was pretty cute. This last weekend was a trial of my emotional state. It was my mom's EPIC run from Logan to Jackson Hole. I've attend this event to since she started three years ago. Then my brother-in-law and his future wife came into town to look for a wedding dress. The plan was to stay and help shop for a dress with Vicki. Only thing was the my mother in law didn't want Isaac to come and for him to spend friday with his grandpa and uncle Ryan while they went hiking. For some reason I didn't feel comfortable with this plan and I didn't see why takeing Isaac would be a huge burden. My mother-in-law didn't understand my uncomfortableness. I don't do well with this kind of confrontation well so late thursday night I decided to head to Jackson in the moring. Devon's family was upset and so was I. Then to add on to this story, my sister is pregnant and is vicious! She has been hard to be around because she is so short tempered. I had a feeling that me coming to Jackson would make her mad. My new plan was to help my father at volinteer station outside of soda spring, ID for the EPIC run and to bring Whitney with me. I had been trying to make a plan with her all day but she wasn't responding and time to running out for us to leave Logan to get to dad on time. Well when she finally returned my call she gave me a good hollering about how I was ruinning her plans. Well needless to say I didn't listen for very long before hanging up with her, my emotional state was at an all time low and I had been crying and praying all day. Really all I was trying to do was to do what was best for my son and I. Nothing I seemed to do was right and it felt like I was the world's most unwanted person. Isaac was being such a good baby by going along with my upside down plans. What more could I really do at this point! Dad called and said that he really could use my help and the he needed his leather coat, so I left my sister in Logan and started the two hour drive to soda springs! His shift was from 6pm-2am and he was the only one there at this point. When I arrived, a lightening storm that had been following me the whole way was catching up and quick! It was just a few minutes after I arrived and gave Dad his coat that the rain came down hard the the lightening was ferious! It was a good thing that I had come, Dad would have gotten sick without his coat. All in all it was a good thing that I had a emotional day because I would have sat in the dressing room feeling emtpy without my son (not to mention uncomfortable) and wishing I was in Jackson Hole watching my Mom run such an EPIC thing! And to add also, Isaac had a blast the whole time!! He didn't even nap on Saturday and was still such a fun baby to have with us! Dad seemed greatful that he was there to make everyone smile!
and that's all I have to say about that. . .

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Not much of a 4th of July. . .

This is the first time I have ever had to work on the 4 of July. Its kind of depressing that I'm not in Lewiston again, but I know that next year we'll be there and even better we'll have Isaac there with us. Yes we decided to name our son Isaac. This is because I had a dream once that we came home from the hospital with twins boys, Jake and Isaac. Well Devon left Jake in the car and he died therefore lol our first son is Isaac. Also it was the only name Devon didn't make fun of. Anyways next year will be more fun with him around especially when my father is excited to show him all the fire trucks and teach him all about being a fire fighter.
Everything is going well with this pregnancy so far. Isaac is always moving. I've started to read my scriptures out loud and last night when I started he started moving round and we could him moving around, then when I stop, he stopped. Devon loved it :)
Devon found a job working with Highland City mowing random parts of the city. His allergies were so bad when he first started but he finally broke down enough to get a shot that helps with that. There is much improvement and we can finally sleep through the night. He is also getting really tan and starting to get buffer. Then there is me. . .his little, white and prego wife. Not to mention that I've gain all my weight in my legs and butt that I look funny! Boy would if be nice to finally have my body back!
Work is fun, I love my job! I was promoted to Assistant Manager of the Guest Interactions department. Funny thing is that my duties will not change much. I'm very proud of my self, after working many jobs, it nice to know that I'm not really worthless after all! In your face world! The only hard part about it is that people forget to put on their stupid signs so its hard to work them them when they do that!
Just so everyone knows, Seven Peaks SLC bought out Raging Waters back in Feb. When the did this they weren't expecting to get this run down, major health code, dump of a place and have it ready by May. So for those who have come and didn't enjoy it, its cause we aren't fully functional, when we are though, Seven Peaks will be an amazing place to bring your family! So please don't judge by what you see, cause every staff that is there is working their butts off!!! Seriously so STOP screaming at me cause Raging Waters was dangerous and you didn't see that!
Okay I'm done venting and typing.
love ya all

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

We finally Know!!!

Finally after many weeks of wishing and wanted to know, Devon and I are having baby boy! In the back of my mind I knew that we were having a boy but my heart really wanted a girl. Its okay tho, we are happy that we finally know what we're having and we just continue to pray that its healthy and the rest of the twenty weeks that we have left are good ones. Its been good so far, with working full time and everything. Now we just need to find Devon a job and we'll be all set!